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Need a help About ITM_Sendchar

Associate III

i can use ITM_SendChar with printf by overriding __io_putchar but currently i am working with C++ is there any way to use ITM_SendChar with cout? if there any can anyone please tell me how to do that or provide the code for that.

Thanks in Advance

Pavel A.
Evangelist III

Eventually all these stdio functions , either for C or C++ sink down to  the _write "system call". So you'll need to implement the _write rather than __io_putchar. The 1st arg of _write is the "file descriptor" number. As usual 0= stdin or cin (not writable, of course), 1=stdout or cout, 2=stderr or cerr & clog. You can define more custom descriptors from 3 up.

Note that ITM itself has multiple sub-channels, 0 is the default "ITM print"; the CMSIS function ITM_Sendchar sends to this channel. In CubeIDE you can open more ITM windows for channels 1,2 etc. and send  output of each C/C++ handle to separate ITM channels -> IDE windows. For this you implement replacement of ITM_Sendchar.

Good luck!