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Missing information in G431 Manual

Senior III

I got two things i dont understand or needs more information. In the manual it says

"The Flash memory is programmed 72 bits at a time (64 bits + 8 bits ECC)."

I somewhat know about ECC, but i dont know about the "8 bits". Can i just ignore this? Programming seems to work when ignoring this.

Another part of the manual says:

"If the user needs to program only one word, double word must be completed with the erase
value 0xFFFF FFFF to launch automatically the programming."

I havent read about an automatically launched programming?!

Chief II

You cannot access the ECC bits, you just know they are there and know that the ECC errors will cause an interrupt.

Programming launched automatically means that it starts after writing the second word and you don't need to start it by setting some special starting bit.