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LWIP in Package 1.17 gets stuck in MX_LWIP_Init() function when HTTP mode has been chosen

Associate II

Hello everyone,

I need to add the HTTP feature to my project. Since I have created my project under the "Package 1.17" for STM32F750N8Hx, I should use the last release of LWIP library in the mentioned package for my project...

Here is what I am facing as a bug with LWIP in "Package 1.17" for STM32F7:

I created a simple project (Project A) under "Package 1.17". I added RTOS CMSIS v2 and ethernet to it respectively. I realized that the ethernet initialization gets stuck in lwip_init(void) which is called in tcpip_init( NULL, NULL ) function.  In the lwip_init(void), it gets stuck in udp_init(void) function when LWIP_RAND() is being run!

I decided to create another simple project (Project B), but this time under "Package 1.16.2". I added RTOS CMSIS v2 and ethernet to it respectively. Everything worked perfectly! I pinged and loaded a web page too!

I compared both project's settings. They are exactly the same. simple and straight forward. But Project A get's stuck when it reaches ludp_init(void) and presumably tcp_init() since they both have LWIP_RAND() in their body while project B works perfectly fine!

Since my main project has been developed under "Package 1.17", and I have incorporated many elements, including TouchGFX, DMAs, USB HOST and various others, I cannot revert everything to "Package 1.16.2" just to have ethernet functionality :(

Has anyone by chance experienced a problem with LWIP under "Package 1.17" with RTOS so far, or does anyone have any ideas that could help me tackle this issue? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Chief II

Hi Piranha,

Thank you for reaching out. I will check the link you shared with me. I hope I find a solution for this strange bug.

ST Employee

Hi @iSaeed62 

We built a project using your same configuration but the bug was not reproduced: ie. code not stuck at tcpip_init->lwip_init->udp_init->LWIP_RAND. Tools used: STM32CubeMx v6.9.1, STM32Cube Ide v1.13.1 and STM32F7 Cube v1.17.0

Is it possible it comes from STM32CubeMX or STM32CubeIDE versions used ? Could you please share which versions used on your side and try with versions I listed above (simply the latest) ?