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looking for SLC NAND flash driver for STM32F4 with FSMC

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I need to come up with a SLC NAND Flash Driver for STM32F405 which has a FSMC.

My SLC NAND flash is ONFI 1.0 compliant (Micron MT29F). Any suggestion for a driver? Open source or commercial?

I heared ST has one as well, but only available on request. Where can I request it?



Your local sales office or FAE might be a place most would try..

Not sure why this would be particularly desirable in 2022, or there not being plenty of resources to execute successfully.

Real problem tend to be a) the STM32F4 HW ECC is not helpful on the NAND post 2009, b) devices can self-generate ECC and check/syndrome data, c) the large and relatively unmanageable erase block size, and files systems one might want to use.

In 2022, perhaps eMMC is a better choice, or QSPI NAND Flash on STM32 systems supporting QUAD/OCTO

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