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Issue while running debug on STM32G030C8t6

Associate III

I connected an STM32G030C8T6 to my laptop using ST-link and ran debug using STM32CubeIDE. It was working properly for sometime. But now while putting it on debug, I am getting the following warning message.


After this warning message, it does go into debug mode but it malfunctions. for example, I made a counter which increments every 1 seconds. But in live expression in CubeIDE, it continually shows the following value.


I have got this error previously too, erasing the whole flash memory and keeping it unpowered for a lot of time sometimes solves this issue. But I wanted to know what exactly is happening, what does that warning mean?



Chief II

By address info your MCU start system bootloader instead your APP. This is normal when hw is setup for this, for example BOOT0 pin is high or float or other start sequence as described in AN2606