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ideas for my final project

Associate II

i m 3rd year student and i need an idea for project that can use stm32 card only 


Isn't such a project supposed to come from your educational institution, or an industrial partner ?

What are the safeguards against picking a trivial three-day-project, or one that is totally above your head ???

Associate II

well i'm doing my internship of 3 months in a fab lab not in a company and they asked me to come up with an idea using an stm32, even though i have no idea on how to use an stm32 card but im willing to learn it

I would say, see what boards are available and what features (hardware) they have.

Then, search for projects using identical or similar hardware. Perhaps this gives you an idea.

Pretty sure something in the business and intererst range of said lab would be advantageous.

You could benefit from their expertise, and they could benefit from the finished project.

I would strongly suggest to get an experienced mentor.

His first task would be to check which projects (and tasks) are appropriate for you level and the given time.

Associate II

Thank you for taking the trouble to help me, i will keep searching for more informations about the card, perhaps that would give me an idea.

If you check with your favourite search engine, there are literally thousands of possible project around on the internet.

To get inspirations, you might not limit yourself to the specific core/ board you will need to use.

You could adapt similar project for 8/16-bit microcontrollers, or other Cortex M devices.



I know this is a bit late, but it could be useful for the people who are reading this thread.

A suggestion is to make a GPS tracker using STM32. Here is an Example detailed in a blog post:
Build a GPS Tracker with STM32 and SIM808

Labeling the capacitors in schematics with a letter "U" is against the common practice and definitely should not be done in an educational material.

I agree, that it was a mistake, it should be replaced with C instead.