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I have connected sd card with nucleo l476rg. But now I want to create embedded database on sd card to save controller data. Would you please suggest embedded database which can be used? Other than sqllite.

Associate II

How complicated and large does the database need to be?

You might look to what was popular for MS-DOS type implementations, perhaps keeping the core data and indexes in separate files, and doing the management in a way that limits wholesale rewriting of large chunks of data on the media. Something that journals, and is recoverable/rebuildable.

The f_read and f_write are most efficient used at sector/cluster sizes and boundaries, ie multiples of 512 byte sectors, and buffering/caching methods around those.

Perhaps broaden search to those tailored to Cortex-Mx MCUs and FatFS.

Ones also that have complementary PC based apps, or can output data in .CSV forms for each importation.

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