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How to use the SDRAM in stm32f7 series


Hello everyone ,

I am Yugenthar

Right now i am working in embedded development platform . So i have one doubt guys.I have using stm32f746-disco board.

I am displaying one image in LCD screen (800x760)so pixel size is incresing.

my code is runing in flash memory

my compiler is show one error "your flash is overflow"

then I have decided move to SDRAM and store my code

But I have not perfect in SDRAM so any one give the sollution any material or tutorial link


Associate III

BRO.....the error showing on your project is not SDRAM, this I don't know how to use but if it is "FLASH" error... this person will help you "(1) QSPI in STM32 || Boot from EXT Memory || XIP || N25Q - YouTube " by the way please watch the video carefully because I made a mistake in the loader part at first.

or you can use touch gfx, it will create functions like SDRAM, QSPI for you 😁 😁 😁


okay brother."thank you"

I will watch this video then any doubt I have ask to you

Bro Actual right now working Show the image to LCD display..size is 800x700 Using lcd image convertor application image is convert to to c file I thing array size is so big .

Bro I know this is not SDRAM error actual this indication is "flash overflow" so I will move the SDRAM concept.

My Doubt:

Actual STM32 is available on internal SDRAM

do you want to use sdram to put that image on screen, or use external flash to save it??

i just found a nice example, that can use both external flash and sdram, but it is stm32f7508 dk same as my board, hope it helps you 

put the image here and try to compile it 

Mula-Gabriel/STM32F7508-DK-LVGL-AzureRtos-Template (