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how to unlock flash?

Associate II

hello everyone , while burning  file in stm32103  with stmcube programmer i checked rdp in option byte ,now when i try to erase previous file and burn new file again it says core is locked up ,is there any solution ?


Segger had a tool for their J-LINK

I always used the System Loader and UART connectivity to walk through doing a Mass Erase on the part.

You could perhaps use STM32 Cube Programmer, with different connectivity methods to get to the point where you can Mass Erase the part or change options

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ST Employee


If you set RDP to Level2 unfortunately you can no more revert to any other levels and you lose the debug option.

But when booting from Flash memory, accesses (read, erase and program) to the Flash memory from user code are allowed. 


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