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How to remove noise with touchgfx when using the QuadSPI

Associate II

Hi. I made a project with stm32H743IIT6.

i used ( touchgfx designer 4.20.0 ) + ( stm32cubeide 1.10.0 )

and I saved my images on external flash (W25Q256) with QuadSPI and use SDRAM for touchgfx buffer.

But I have a problem. when I display the image on LCD some dot or line noise is displayed on LCD.

If you look carefully at the attached photo, it is clear that the noise points are similar to the original photo.

I am confused. Please help me. I don't know the source of the problem.

if you need any more information tell me.

Thank you.

Chief II

Move some image into internal flash and compare. If problem persist source seems be SDRAM,

otherwise QSPI...

Associate II

@MM..1​ yes . the source of the problem was QSPI.

When I test the QSPI program code separately that was OK and I generate the .stldr file for programming and debugging but when I want program code with stm32cubeide the verify of QSPI failed.

(Error: Download verification failed) .