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How to enable only M7 core on dual processor MCU.

Associate III

Hi, I have a STM32H745 MCU, which has both M7 core and M4 core. I created a project in CubeIDE, and the code that is automatically generated expects both processors to be active.
Indeed, in the code of the main. of core M7, wait for core M4 to boot before running the code.

What I would like to do is enable only the M7 core, as in my application only one processor is needed for now. For now the only way I've found is disable the BCM4 bit from CubeProgrammaer and comment out the M7's main.c section which waits for the M4 to boot as well.

The problem is that every time I change something in CubeIDE and generate the code again, I have to comment those sections every time. Is there a way to create a CubeIDE project where only the M7 core is enabled or anyway is there an easier way to do this thing?


> is there an easier way to do this thing?

Why not just use the default program generated for the M4 which does nothing? Why do you care if it's running or not?

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Associate III

In this application i don't care if M4 run or not, but maybe, in some case i want to stop it for power saving.