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Hello,I have a project with an 800x480 touch screen, 1 Go Ram, 2 Go Nand and 2 Go µSD, I can use the STM32MP1xx but I don't know Linux, is there an equivalent component in the STM32F7xx series?Best regards

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This is essentially the same question you have already asked here.

The STM32MP1 as a CPU is perfectly designed to work with external flash and external RAM, whereas with the same structure you don't really use the full potential of the Cortex-M. Microcontrollers with Cortex-M cores are optimised for maximum processing speed using internal memory. 

For your purposes, you could look at one of the many DISCOVERY boards, e.g. the STM32H745I-DISCO, whose design still needs to be adapted to your needs (WVGA, much more memory).

Does it answer your question?



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You'll need to get your RAM footprint down significantly to entertain an F7 or H7.

Perhaps time to learn how to Linux..​

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All you've told us is what storage & display your system has - nothing about what the system needs to do.

Does it actually need all those memories at those sizes?

Impossible to say what might be appropriate with no idea of what the goal is!