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Has anybody used the USB CDC Host libraries with FreeRTOS? I have not been able to find an example.

Associate II
Posted on January 30, 2018 at 18:00

I am attempting to use CDC Host libraries but am having trouble. I have not been able to find an example in Cube.

My setup

  • Host
    • STMM3240G_EVAL
    • Using OTG FS Port
    • Using FreeRTOS
    • Using CDC Host Libraries
  • Device
    • STM32L496G-DISCO
    • Using FreeRTOS
    • Using CDC Device Libraries

I have used the CDC Device libraries with great success in the past to provide a terminal interface to a PC. Do I need a special cable to from the 3240G FS to the 496G FS connector. I’m currently using a cable that was supplied with the 3240G board. It has a rectangular connector on one end that fits the 3240G FS connector (CN8) and a D shaped connector on the other end that fits the L496G FS connector (CN8). When I connect the boards with this cable the host libraries on the 3240G do not see the connection.


I could also really use some help on how to transmit and receive using the Host CDC libraries. No example and nothing apparent.