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G4 HRTIM configuration problem



I'm currently using HRTIM on a STM32G474RE and I'm facing a configuration problem.

Context :

The HRTIM is used to produce 2 push-pull PWM outputs from Timer A. The 2 outputs are configured the same way :

  • 1 Set source : Timer period event
  • 2 Reset source : Timer compare 4 and External Event 4.

External Event 4 is configured with the following logic :

  • Source : COMP1 out
  • Polarity : High
  • Sensitivity : LEVEL
  • FAST MODE : disabled

More over, this external event is filtered using a "blanking", generated from compare 1 timer unit. Event is ignored if it happens during the blanking.

The problem:

In this configuration, the outputs stays at low level, no matter the state of COMP1.

If I change the sensitivity of the external event, I get the desired output. PWMs are resetted as soon as COMP1 is high.

Any suggestions ?

Thank you 🙂0693W00000Hpkm1QAB.png0693W00000HpklcQAB.png

ST Employee

What's the value about CMP4?

According to RM0440 Chapter 27.3.7,When set and reset requests from two different sources are simultaneous, the reset action

has the highest priority.

COMP1_OUT high level duration is 7.956us, in this time may will generate Timer period event(1 Set source).

If all the Timer period event generate in COMP1_OUT =High, PWM output will always LOW.

you can set more than one SET source test it again.