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Enable UART TX over ST-LINK/V2 on unused SWO pin


Hello, maybe a lame question, but how to force enable SWV even if the microcontroller in the project does not support it? Or use ST-link's SWO as console input? (does not have to be SWV)

I got a project in Cube IDE for STM32G071KBU3 microcontroller using SWD for programming/debugging. All works fine. 

I connected ST-LINK/V2 SWO to unused UART TX on the microcontroller in hope that I would be able to capture that UART TX in Cude IDE for debug purposes. However STM32G071KBU3 does not have dedicated SWO pin so SWV enable option is greyed out in Debug Configuration window.


Do you know how to force enable SWV so I can see messages coming out UART TX to the ST-link's SWO? Or configure some other console which will display what is comming to SWO? It does not have to be SWV console.

Thanks in advance 🙂