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Dual bank issue on a STM32F769BG.



I work on a STM32F769BG and I m currently trying to setup the dual bank. I have a bootloader that check the validity of the application on the current bank and an application. My bootloader works in single bank configuration however it doesn't pass through the initialisation phase in dual bank mode and end in hard fault or NMI fault. To setup the dual bank I follow the AN4826 and AN2606. Besides, the application seems to work normally even in dual bank mode ....

Thanks in advance for your help,

Raphaël RIO


Finally, I solved the problem. The integrated bootloader on the MCU didn't set proprely the VTOR in dual boot mode, so the vector table was the one of the bootloader of ST. When an interrupt occured, it returned to the integrated BL and raised a fault as this memory space is not available. I just forced the VTOR to the right adress (0x08000000) in the System_Init() of my BL and everything goes well now. However I still don't understand why when I jumped directly to the app in 0x08004000, it worked (with the right VTOR) while for the BL in 0x08000000, it didn't. If that can help.