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I'm using X-CUBE-SFXS2LP1 with STM32CubeIDE ("Easy portability across different MCU families, thanks to STM32Cube"). It has examples for NUCLEO-L073RZ, NUCLEO-L152RE or NUCLEO-L476RG, but I want to use something else. How do I do it?


X-CUBE-SFXS2LP1 is the S2-LP Sigfox expansion library for STM32Cube.

There are no STM32CubeMX configuration files in the projects included in X-CUBE-SFXS2LP1, so how can I modify the MCU, GPIO pins, etc.? Maybe I'm missing a feature of STM32CubeIDE for this, pardon me if this is an obvious question.

Maybe I can create a new project for SigFox, but the library does not show up in STM32CubeMX. Board support for S2868A2 does show up in the X-CUBE-SUBG2 package, and there is a P2P application that is part of this. I think SigFox should show up as middleware, but it will not let me install X-CUBE-SFXS2LP1 as a STM32CubeMX software pack.

Actually there are no install instructions for X-CUBE-SFXS2LP1, but STM32CubeIDE does let me import the existing projects it finds in the .zip file. Maybe someone can point me to install instructions if there are any? (There were none in UM2497...)


Luca Celetto
ST Employee

Hello @jallen​ 

May you please try with the STM32CubeMX v6.3.0? It now support the X-CUBE-SFXS2LP1 package.

To install it, you can go to Help->Manage embedded software packages (Alt-U), then to to TAB STMicroelectronics, select X-CUBE-SFXS2LP1 and click the latest version to install it.

Best regards,