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DFU with custom VID / PID

Associate II


We would like to use the standard USB DFU supplied with a STM32H747IGT6 with our own Vendor ID (VID) and Product ID (PID) instead of the default STM VID and PID. We are entering USB DFU mode by pulling the boot mode pin hi. We can run the DFU through the USB without problems, however the device appears in Windows Device Manager as an ST Microelectronics device, and we wish to change the vendor to ourselves. We have a VID and PID for this product and can sign drivers. 

What is the procedure for altering the VID and PID shown by the embedded USB bootloader in STM32H747 from 0x0483 (VID) and 0xdf11 (PID) so that when connecting to a host, the device string descriptors reflect custom data?



Pavel A.
Evangelist III

To alter the VID and PID in the built-in bootloader in the "system ROM" you'll have to order a custom batch of chips from ST. Good luck with that.


ST Employee

Dear @slc2015 ,

As explained by @Pavel A. , the only way is to change the embedded Firmware code and update the VID and PID , this is possible only using your own IAP custom bootloader to put in flash . This is not possible with our built in ROM bootloader .

Hope it helps you