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Better learning resources for Bluenrg-2?


Hey, folks.

How are you people learning how to use the capabilities of your MCUs? In particular, I am trying to program a Bluenrg-2 board for a temperature control application. I would like to get better information on using the Multi-Function Timer on the chip. I have been amazed at how little information is available ANYWHERE to manage to do this. Yes, there are examples that show solutions to specific problems, and a Doxygen generated API that tells me exactly everything I need to know to make a proper function call and absolutely nothing about why or how I would solve a particular problem.

Reverse engineering example programs is a great way to calcify bad assumptions and guesswork into your solution. I desire more.

Is there some treasure trove of guidance available to first-time STM32 MCU programmers of which I'm not aware, particularly specific to this device?