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Hello everyone I have download the X-CUBE-SAFEA1 Software Package for STSAFE-A software in that sample code is given only for STM32L476RG-nucleo. Can I get sample code for STM32484E-EVL?????

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Benjamin BARATTE
ST Employee

Hi @p123​,

The X-CUBE-SAFEA1 provides code example that can be ported on other HW platform.

On the STM32G484E-EVL, there is no Ardunio connector, therefore you will need to use jumper wire on CN2 for instance.

Then you will need to customize the stsafea_service_interface.c file to map on the I2C3 for the I2C_Send and I2C_Received.

For the mbedtls porting, do not forget to use the config_mbedtls.h from the Inc directory of the example you are porting.

Best Regards,