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Configuring SAI to record mono on FS/LR low

Associate III

I don't think that what I am asking is possible with the STM32476 that we are using, but it would be nice to have confirmation. We currently have a stereo setup that uses two I2S microphones hooked up to SAI1. Everything works great, but sometimes we want to be able to test the mics individually. For the left-channel microphone this is easy, just set to mono mode. However, it seems that there is no way to do the same for the right channel microphone - i.e., there is no configuration option to set mono to record on high or low FS/LR signal individually. Is this right?

EDIT: I think that I am wrong about not being able to do this. I just noticed the FSPOL configuration bit - I'm guessing this is what I need. I will be testing it later this week and will report on it and close this issue if in fact it does the job. In the meantime, feel free to tell me if I'm on the right path!