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Sensored motor won't go past 300rpm

Associate III

Hi. I've got a sensored 14-pole motor that does 3000rpm max, but I can't get it to go past 300rpm in the MotorControl Pilot.

I've confirmed its phase resistance and inductance with the ST Profiler, the VESC Tool Profiler, and the manufacturer.

I've confirmed its hall sensor output with an oscilloscope. I've attached my waveforms:

0693W00000YA2zZQAT.pngThe motor throws me overcurrent faults when I set its max current to 40A, its correct rated current. The meter tells me I'm getting 13W when it shuts off, which is way too high but 24V/13W<<<40A.

I'd really appreciate a tip, I've been fighting with this for days, now.


probe the Phase voltages of the motor.

Chances are youre not respecting the PWM deadtime, what modulation are you using, trapezoidal?

we dont need to firmware by ourselves, lets talk