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Profiling a motor draws a huge amount of current



I have a custom inverter board which is designed for high power applications 100A+. I have individually tested the hardware functionality of the inverter and all seems to be well. However, when I run the motor profiler, a huge amount of current is drawn within the first two seconds (20A +) which hits the current limit of the bench supply I am using. This subsequently causes an undervoltage fault. I have set the correct pole pairs and RPM, and have tried setting the max current to a range of values between 1A and 10A but I always get the same result.

No overcurrent fault is ever detected, despite this being the root cause of the undervoltage fault

Would this typically indicate an incorrect configuration of the current sense setup, and are there any other parameters that I should be aware of which can result in such behaviour? I am using a 1mOhm shunt with an external op amp that has a gain of 16, which I believe is reflected in my MCSDK project