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Overvoltage error BLDC motor



I'm using the EVSPIN32G4 Eva board and MCSDK 6.2

The motor is a low-induction 1pole pair 45000rpm 24Vdc Power 160W

The motor should work with a current up to 6A

In the motor profiler I cannot enter a value greater than 4A otherwise I have Overvoltage error during profiling

Due to this limitation I cannot use the blower up to its maximum

do you have any clues?

The overvoltage error occurs also in the motor pilot.

when the motor is running, a sudden variation of the speed cause the Overvoltage error

Last but not the least, the motor is spinning but it becomes hot very quickly


Thank you for your help







[VERSION]: Version of MCSDK 6.2.0
[TOOL]: MC PROFILER, MC PILOT + EVSPIN32G4 Evaluation board
[DETAILS]:Overvoltage error
[EXPECTED BEHAVIOR]: to control the speed of a BLDC blower
[HOW TO REPRODUCE]:set motor nominal current, apply a moderate speed variation


Gael A
ST Employee

Hello Emanuele,

As long as the Profiler managed to end the procedure, the calculated values will be correct, you just need to manually modify the Max Current value in your motor .json file for your application.

Your Overvoltage issue may be caused by the motor regenerating too much after a speed variation, this may be the same issue than the one you are experiencing with Profiler.

As you said, your motor is heating up quite rapidly, which is probably caused by the high current injected in it. Please check if your motor does not need to be cooled down while running to operate at max current.

If you agree with my answer, please consider accepting it by clicking on 'Accept as solution'.

Hope this will help,
Gaël A.