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NEW STM32 MC-SDK version 5.Y.4

cedric H
ST Employee

Dear STM32 Motor Control community members

We are very pleased to announce the new release 5.Y.4 of the XCUBE_MCSDK. 

This release fix the compatibility issue you may have faced with cubeMX 6.4.

This release is the last planed of the 5 versions, and as a new year gift, the full source package is now available for everyone.

As usual, you can download XCUBE_MCSDK here: .

All our efforts are now focused towards the version 6.0 that will bring a new Workbench and put the support of the 6steps algorithm at the level of the FOC.

As it is in the DNA of the 5.Y branch, this release has seen a lot of improvements and bug fixes.

Please check the associated release notes to get all the details.

Best regards

ST Motor control team

Associate III

Glad to see the new MC_SDK release, and also glad to see the addition of processor utilization measurement.

When I build this with a position control configuration, I'm getting the following error in the generated code: error: 'SPEED_LOOP_FREQUENCY_HZ' undeclared (first use in this function); did you mean 'POSITION_LOOP_FREQUENCY_HZ

Clearly SPEED_LOOP_FREQUENCY_HZ is not defined in a project configured for position control.

Can you tell me if the processor utilization should work with position control? or is it limited to speed/torque control?


This is with a STM32F401RE board. CubeMX6.4.0. Toolchain STM32CubeIDE, Firmware STM32 FW V1.26.2

cedric H
ST Employee

Hello @SCrum.1​ ,

We missed the use case "position control"+ "MCU monitoring", so it is currently limited to speed/torque control.

This issue has been reported in this thread and will be fixed in the coming 6.0.



Associate II

Hi, I just got my STEVAL_SPIN3204 and I opened MC workbench 5.Y.4, and picked the example project six-step sensorless and voltage mode on a STEVAL-SPIN3204+ShinanoLA052-080. Then a few questions really confused me:

  1. The project shows MCU as STSPIN32F0 and STWVAL-SPIN3201, which does not match the eval-board I am using.
  2. The schematic of STEVAL-SPIN3204 uses on shunt resistor while the project defaults to 3 shunt resistor
  3. I change the configuration to 1 shunt resistor and change to speed sensor algorithm to observer+PLL
  4. I generate the code and compiles and it fails with some error saying that some functions are missing.
  5. I also can not find any place to set up the b-EMF input setup in the tool

I can run any examples on my side now, your help is greatly appreciated.


Cedric -

We are trying to use the STSPIN32G4 in position control. We are getting the same 'SPEED_LOOP_FREQUENCY_HZ' issue described above. Is there a way to disable the MCU monitoring portion of this to allow for position control?

Also, when will STSPIN32G4 be supported in 6.0?


Hello @Shane Kent​ ,

 > Is there a way to disable the MCU monitoring portion of this to allow for position control?

By default, MCU monitoring is not enabled. So if you did not enable it through cubeMX, you can even remove the compilation of mc_perf.c from the project.

>Also, when will STSPIN32G4 be supported in 6.0?

The release 6.1 is planned for end of November and will support the STSPIN32G4.

Best Regards




where can i download STM32 MC-SDK version 5.Y.4?

Version 5.Y.4 was an interim version, which has now been removed like all other previous versions because version 6.x covers it completely. Only the support for the STM32F1 is missing in version 6, which is why version 5.4 can still be found on the MCSDK website.

Hope that helps?



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Am I mistaken or does version 6 remove all support for custom boards (aside from using undocumented JSON files), and have no documentation available after 18 months of release (the wiki is entirely v5 based, and included documentation is little more than a primer on how burshless controllers work)? It seems strange to claim v6 covers v5 completely when it seems to be basically useless for anything but a few development boards.

Now that 5.Y has been withdrawn there is no usable support for STSPING4 aside from the dev board.

Hi sir, i want to ask about bus sensing, it posible to co trol the pwm duty cycle? So after i rectifier the ac220v to dc it become 310v dc ( for steval are posible till 400vdc) but my motor only can 200v sir. I still confiusd with this, how to set the out of max voltage sir. Because i dont have switching 220vAC to 200vdc sir. Sorry for wrong topic because i post topic already but nobody reply sir for the solution, im loking of all manual but still nothing answer sir🙏 thank u🙏