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Hi i have problems with the UART Motor Control Protocol with the new Motor Control Workbench 6.1.0 (Jan 2023). I a reading the status of my Motor with the MCP Protocol.

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With the new generated Code i receive a lot of errors like 0F 04 04 C0 0F 04 04 C0. TO control my SPIN3201 Board with the Motor Pilot works fine. By trying to send the same Data as the Gui (Voltage, Speed, Power....690100B0110019005900591B9900D1059105110BD10A49008900) i get sometimes BA0100500400000000000000000000003C000000190020000000C1BA0B0300. as a correct answer, but most of the time the wrong 0F 04 04 C0 0F 04 04 C0. Everything works fine, if i flash back to the MSDK6.0 generated code. I tried to change a lot of the UART Settings in the Cube MX 6.7.0 but i could not find a solution. Thx Tom

Zied b.
ST Employee

Hello @THöfl.1 

I'm sorry to respond so late, If you want information on MCPV2, the protocol used in MCSDK communication, you can find the documentation here:

Documentation embedded in the MCSDK:
The MCSDK documentation ( MCP & ASPEP, Api..etc..) is provided in the package. The fastest way to find it is through the Motor Control Workbench:

- Open Motor Control Workbench
- Click top right on "About" button
- Click on "Documentations" -> "Documentation"
- Click on "User Manual"
- click on "
Motor Control Protocol Suite"

As it is HTML documentation you can also enter this link in your browser: (replace _your_install_folder_):



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