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EVSPIN32F06Q2S1 and Refrigerator: Problems

Associate II


I'm trying to run a refrigerator compressor (basically a PMSM) with EVSPIN32F06Q2S1. I downloaded all necessary programs and started the MC Workbench, configured the board in sensorless FOC and uploaded the code to it. All that works fine. 

But when i try to run the PMSM via Motor Pilot, i instantly get "Over-Current"-Fault. When I turn off the Over-Current-Protection, I get "Speed-Feedback"-Error or "Startup Failure"-Error. I tryed to solve the Problems with the Tips from FAQ on the Official Website, but none of them seems to solve the issues.

Motor-Parameters I entered in the MC Workbench should be fine, I'm just not sure about Inertia and Friction. Maybe someone can suggest me realistic parameters for a refrigerator compressor? ( I dont have a datasheet, the electrical parameters i measured by myself...)

Thank you very much for helping me, I pretty lost right now 🙂



I also added two screenshots which show my view on MC Workbench, Motor Pilot and Sensorless Start-Up-Parameters.

Gael A
ST Employee

Hello L_e_o,

From what you said I suggest you Profile your motor using our MotorProfile tool, it will allow you to get all needed motor parameters, including inertia and friction, which are typically used for PID gains computation. You can find the complete guide on our MC Wiki.
Also, you can try enabling Open Loop mode to see if currents are calculated correctly. The start-up guide can be found on the User Manual (In WB : About -> Documentations -> Documentation -> in the newly opened browser window : User Manual -> Open Loop description and usage)

Finally, please consider upgrading to our latest release : MCSDK 6.3.0

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Hope this will help,
Gaël A.

Hello Gael

Thanks for your Reply!

I wanted to use the MotorProfiler, but it only works with a Three-Shunt-Topology, the Board im using only has a Single-Shunt-Topology. So its not possible for me to use the MotorProfiler to find out Inertia and Friction as far as I know. 


Do you have a idea why i keep getting "over-current" error? Is it possible because of wrong PI gains caused by wrong inertia and friction? I also added a screenshot with inertia and friction i configured in mc workbench? are they even realistic for a refrigerator compressor?

Hello L_e_o,

Indeed, Motor Profiling is not available on EVSPIN32F06Q2S1, my bad. However, if you own another board, you can still profile your motor with it and use the generated json file for your EVSPIN project. I am not really knowledgeable concerning compressors, and such values can vary quite much so I can't tell you if yours are fine.

Can you tell me on which version of the MCSDK you are working right now ? Also if you can have a trace of your currents using the MotorPilot that would be nice.

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Hope this will help,
Gaël A.

Hello Gael

Im working with Version 6.3.0.

This morning i was working on the project and it looked like the overcurrent error is because of wrong start up parameters, so i think i can solve the problem. But at the moment i have the following problem: as soon i press the start button in the motor pilot gui, all leds on the evaluationboard getting dark and the eval board restarts. So its impossible to run the motor because of the direct eval board restart... any idea why this is happening?