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EVSPIN32F0602S1 - did anybody make it work with ST MC Workbench?

Associate III

If yes, which one? 5.4.8 or 5.Y.4? How did you configure it?

My experiences so far:

  • cannot connect to MotorPilot from 5.Y.4, tried different COM Port baudrates configured both in MotorPilot and CubeMX
  • can connect to Monitor in 5.4.8 with baudrate 9600
  • constantly getting "Over current" failure with 'ding' in a motor, and this motor works perfectly with Nucleo-F446RE and STEVAL-IPM15B
  • I have reconfigured "current sensing", I had to disable R3 (R41 on schematic) and solder R2 (not mounted R39)
  • I have disabled "Temperature sensing" (untick) because it showed me 100C and NTC resistor is not mounted
  • I did play with different "final torque" values in Monitor "Configuration" Tab

Results: click 'run motor', little jolt of the motor and "Over current" failure


Associate III

I will try to bump this topic as I did not moved any further with this issue. I have no idea how to make this board working, the MOSFETS are OK, I cannot find any info about using this board anywhere.

Can anybody help me with that?


If you have a business relationship with ST perhaps try the local sales office, and the support engineers working out of there. Or those of your Distributor..

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@KSzul.1 did you find any solution? I have similar problem, I just get a ding when I press start/stop button and this is it.

Best regards,


Not yet, but I am not going to give up and will let you know here how its going (once I'll have some time to work on that controller).