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Documentation of ASPEP Protocol?

Associate III

As stated in UM1052, chapter 14 there is often a requirement to control a BLDC motor control board over a serial connection. The above manual describes the protocol used by older MCSDKs. But the latest MCSDK 5.Y.x seems to use a slightly different procol called ASPEP.

Unfortunately I could not find a documentation for that protocol on the ST web site.

My question is: Is there any documentation of that new protocol or is it required to reverse engineer the STM source code to use it with an different application than the Motor Pilot?

Thank you for any hints!

Best Regards



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Hello everyone, the MCP & ASPEP documentation is provided in the package. The fastest way to find it is through the Motor Control Workbench:

- Open Mc Workbench
- Click top right on "About" button
- Click on "Documentation" -> "Documentation 
- Click on "User Manual"
- And finally click on Motor Control Protocol Suite

As it is HTML documentation you can also enter this link in your browser: (replace _your_install_folder_)



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Laurent Ca...
Lead II

Dear @TThan​ 

I just got back from vacation.

Have you found an answer to your question in the meantime?

Best regards

Post a link to the protocol specification, that will have reach beyond the OP, that way subsequent searchers will be able to find it more readily.​

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Sorry, unfortunately I have not found an official documentation until today.

I just proceeded with some reverse engineering and that is working up to the amount of functionality I need for the current project. But that is my internal crude documentation only. Please understand that I do not want to share,

Hi Tesla, you mentioned that you posted a link to the protocol specification. Where is the link? Could you please post it again so that I can have it as well? Thank you so much.

Quentin Ch
Associate III

Hello ST team (@Laurent Ca...​ )

Now that MCSDK 6.x has been released, are there any plans for a documentation of the ASPEP/MCP protocol ?


I created a simple python file which makes some basic communication with MCSDK. It is based on source code exploring with a debugger. Most relevant code is placed in aspep.c, mcp.c, and register_interface.c files.



Hello. is there any follow up on the documentation of the ASPEP Protocol?


Same question as above. Is there any documentation on the ASPEP Protocol?


I also would like the ASPEP Protocol documentation!