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BEMF DETECTION Could not find a setting for this pin in WORKBENCH

Associate II

对�?起,我看到BENF检测 - 电路图中绘制的六步,但我在WORKBENCH中找�?到这个引脚的�?始化。

Laurent Ca...
Lead II

Dear @�?�尹 冠​ 

Welcome to the STM32 Community

We are very sorry, but we only manage questions in English.

By the way, could you also give more details to the STM32 Community about your setup -the material you use- ?

(HW and also SW: CPU(s), tools and versions, board(s), motor(s) and so on)

And more especially did you use STM32 MC tools (such as MC_suite, STM32 MC Motor Profile, STM32 MC SDK, STM32 MC Workbench, the used example, the origin of the base of your application source code, and so on)?

And eventually more details about your application...

Best regards

Associate II

Thanks for your reply, my problem is solved. There is no process about six-step control in STMCDK5.X, and six-step control is in other categories. Thanks for your reply