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Assistance Needed: Low RPM Issue with STEVAL-IPM10B and NUCLEO-F302R8 Motor Control Setup

Associate II

I am currently facing an issue with my motor control setup, and I was hoping to seek your expertise in resolving it.

I am using the STEVAL-IPM10B and NUCLEO-F302R8 with Motor Control Workbench, and I am encountering a challenge in achieving low RPM. Specifically, I can run the motor at 500 RPM and above successfully, but I am unable to decrease the RPM below this threshold.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could provide guidance or assistance in troubleshooting and resolving this issue. Any insights, recommendations, or steps to adjust the settings in Motor Control Workbench for achieving lower RPM would be extremely helpful.

ST Employee

hello @suhas1,

Speed sensor less algorithm as "Observer + PLL" and "Observer + Cordic" use Back EMF to evaluate the speed. At low speed, Back-EMF becomes too low to be a good indicator.
For low Speed, you can use Sensors as quadrature encoder or hall sensors.

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