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B-U585I-IOT02A Board AI application with external Flash and RAM

Associate II


I want to deploy a AI model on B-U585I-IOT02A board. I'm using the X-Cube-AI plugin for that. Since my model is not able to run on internal flash and RAM, I have selected to use external FLASH and SRAM (from advanced settings in X-Cube-AI). The Flash and SRAM are present on-board and both of them are interfaced with the MCU through OSPI interface.

My question is how do I integrate OSPI interface so that X-Cube-AI is able to use it??
Is there any example code or application that I can refer to?
Thanks in advance.


Can we get this answer solved please ST? so on one hand we have an impressive highest MCU package M-7 board with all the AI yet with no IoT support? alternatively, an M-33 with all the IoT quirks yet no mention of the FP-AI-VISION1 interface is supported please understand while most of us can write some drivers on our own your BSP and HAL makes it time consuming especially for prototyping. My hope is that the upcoming N6 with NN accelerator has an IoT support, else a Rapberry Pi although required a full blown OS might be the best option. Thanks in advance.

ST Employee

X-CUBE-AI fully supports the external flash on this board, when generating the code it will do the external flash initialization using the board BSP code. The code will be located in app_x-cube-ai.c




Perhaps this question can be answered by specialists who have experience in AI