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Why my project stuck in HAL_Delay()?

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i have started this project using X-Cube-IOTA1 package and i added all libraries i need to replicate the same project example which is IOTA-Client. i manage to compile my version and run in the the STM32 B-L4S5-IOTA1 using freeRTOS, but the problem is, the program stuck (infinite loop, or hangs out) in the "WIFI_RESET_MODULE();" in "SPI_WIFI_ResetModule(...)" function, is hangs exactly in the HAL_Delay(500), if i lower the period to 10 it works also, if i keep the 500 period and remove the HAL_GPIO_WritePin(GPIOE, GPIO_PIN_8, GPIO_PIN_SET); (which is located just before that HAL_Delay(500)) also the program works. so i don't think it's a problem from HAL_Gettick() which happen to other ppl and it returns 0 all the time, it's not in my case, also the interruption of systick is fine, i spend days looking for answer but i couldn't find the correct solution.

so if someone have a clue what's going on or what is the problem and how to solve it, i will be thankful, and if you need to see the whole project, i will upload it to github

best regards

-- update --

The section i'm having a problem with is this:

#define WIFI_RESET_MODULE() do{\
                              HAL_GPIO_WritePin(GPIOE, GPIO_PIN_8, GPIO_PIN_RESET);\
                              HAL_GPIO_WritePin(GPIOE, GPIO_PIN_8, GPIO_PIN_SET);\
                              HAL_Delay(500);\ << I'm stuck here>>

if i lower the 500 period to 10, it's not stuck any more, also if i remove the HAL_GPIO_WritePin(GPIOE, GPIO_PIN_8, GPIO_PIN_SET) i don't face this issue for this macro.


I recall that the default systick for hal delay could use other hw timers, especially when rtos were used. Related topic?


Are you really 100% sure that Systick has highest interrupt priority in case it is called from some ISR?

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i had this issue even when i didn't use freeRTOS, also i tested again the project after i changed the timebase source of the SYS mode in the device configuration tools (i used TIM6) and still the same issue.


Check whether uwTick is incrementing.

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i changed the interrupt priority to 0 (it was 15)

#define TICK_INT_PRIORITY           0U   /*!< tick interrupt priority */

and still the same problem, also i'm using TIM6 as timebase source,


i get stuck in Hal_Gettick(); so it doesn't return 0 or something, because the previous delay is working fine, i did an update in the topic, have a look please

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I had the same problem.

There is a very nice description on digikey how to change the timebase for HAL getting-started-with-stm32-introduction-to-freertos on digikey .

The important snippet out of that:

SysTick is a special timer in most ARM processors that’s generally reserved for operating system purposes. By default, SysTick in an STM32 will trigger an interrupt every 1 ms. If we’re using the STM32 HAL, by default, SysTick will be used for things like HAL_Delay() and HAL_GetTick(). As a result, the STM32 HAL framework gives SysTick a very high priority. However, FreeRTOS needs SysTick for its scheduler, and it requires SysTick to be a much lower priority.

We can fix this conflict in a few ways, but the easiest is to assign another, unused timer as the timebase source for HAL. Timers 6 and 7 in most STM32 microcontrollers are usually very basic, which makes them perfect as a timebase for HAL. Go to System Core > SYS and under Mode, change the Timebase Source to TIM6.

This not fully solved my problem. The other points where:

  • Go to System Core > NVIC, there change Time base: TIM6 global interrupt to 0
  • Make sure that the right HAL_InitTick() function is called. There is a weak one in Drivers\STM32G4xx_HAL_Driver\Src\stm32g4xx_hal.c which inits SysTick and not TIM6