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USBD_Init, Connect for devices on STM32H7 MCUs not calling the interrupt handlers...

Associate II

So, I suspect I've configured something rather obvious wrong, but I'm not sure what.

We've got a product with a OTG USB port we'd like to run in device mode. I'm trying to configure it using the USBD high-level drivers provided (thanks!).

I'm finding that the initialization code all the way through appears to correctly initialize the hardware, but I'm not seeing the FS interrupt fire when a host device is connected.

Am I missing something obvious?


Pavel A.
Evangelist II

Is it a custom board?

Mildly. It's based on the H743 disco board, but the board configuration was built with STM32Cube, of course.

Great. Does your USB FS device work on a H743 disco?

Doesn't matter, generated with Cube, or based on a ready (non-cube) example from the Cube H7 firmware package.

Some basic troubleshooting steps here.


Excellent, thanks. I do have a disco board on order; the weather in California hasn't helped, and I've been offline for the last several days.

I'm going to give that a whirl before I fret too much when the board comes. I'll post back here with results.

Excellent!! Thank you.