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STM32U5 sleep

Associate III

hi all,

i am developing a project using stm32u585 microcontroller which can connect to the external devices using ethernet and USB protocols.

i need to put the controller in sleep or any low power mode when ever a sleep command is reached through the USB communication and its need to be wake up when any command through the USB. i am new to the controller sleep part .is it possible to implement this if so can anyone please give some reference regarding the same.

and am using azure RTOS environment for the development(threadx,netx,usbx).

the same needs to implement on ethernet side as well since i am using an external chip for the ethernet and its using and external interrupt for transmitting and receiving data i can use that in case of ethernet.   

but in case of USB i didn't got any reference to work with any low power mode of the controller. (need to use the commands send through USB for put into sleep as well as wakeup from sleep).

any reference regarding it will be a great help.

with regards 



ST Employee

Hello @sabari1 

In the STM32Cube firmware U5, you will find examples demonstrating the process of putting the system into sleep mode and subsequently waking it up. Please consult this example for guidance.

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