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STM32F411 OpenBootloader

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Is there an example of an open bootloader for the STM32F4xx series? I've attempted to adapt an open bootloader example from the STM32C0xx series to create an example for the STM32F411, but I'm encountering numerous errors due to differences in the HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) and LL (Low-Level) libraries between the two microcontroller families.

Thank you in advance


Hi Mabou,

You can take a look at

It's a bootloader that uses HTTP or TFTP to upload a file and flash it. I've used it very recently, for stm32f407, though the HTTPserver part is really outdated (it just doesn't work, but I get the idea so I modified it). TFTP, I've never used.

But there's a file "flash_if.c" that might help you to understand the access towards the flash memory (at least, the HAL flash API is quite different between STM32 families, so I assume that's the one you're struggling with?).

Otherwise, please be more specific about what you're looking for.