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Power Consumption Calculation issue for STM32U5

A Pica
Associate II


With the latest CubeMx (6.9.1), when calculating the consumption of STM32U535VET6Q, the peripheral consumption is not taken into account in STOP/STANDBY/SHUTDOWN modes. It only seems to work with RUN/SLEEP modes.




ST Employee

Hi @A Pica,


It is not depending of the STM32CubeMX version, and this is normal. In Stop, Standby and Shutdown the peripheral clocks are OFF except the only that can be used in low-power background autonomous mode (LPBAM).


Several peripherals support the autonomous mode which allows it to be functional and perform DMA transfers in Stop 0, Stop 1, and Stop 2 modes

In Stop 0 and Stop 1 modes, the autonomous peripherals are ADC4, DAC1, LPTIMx (x = 1 to 4), USARTx (x = 1 to 6), LPUART1, SPIx (x = 1 to 3), I2Cx (x = 1 to 6), MDF1, ADF1, GPDMA1 and LPDMA


In Stop 2 mode, the autonomous peripherals are ADC4, DAC1, LPTIM1, LPTIM3, LPUART1, SPI3, I2C3, ADF1, and LPDMA1. In this mode, the SRAM4 can be accessed by the LPDMA1.


Please refer to the section 10.7.2 Autonomous peripherals and low-power background autonomous mode (LPBAM) in the reference manual for more details


Best regards,