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Is there any good Can periephal examples available?


The title pretty much says it all, to me it seems to be impossible to get the CAN periephal running with the HAL codes.

  1. loopback works all night, next it crashes to first message.
  2. i can sniff my car's canbus, then i cant.

is there any alternative available to the HAL libraries for Can periephal or do i just need to write my own?

or even some example how to get it running all night long with the HAL libraries could do it, i got the loopback and networking examples open on my other screen, those just does not seem to help at all.

So to be exact, it works when it happens to be in good mood.

  • can transmit sometimes (my car send me "handshake" request with correct ID)
  • RX interrupt works, this seems to work always and is also the only part that does not rely on the HAL libraries expect for the register pointers / bit defines(got the handshake)
  • loopback works sometimes.