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How to transfer SD files from the STM32F769I-DISCO board to a PC through an Ethernet wire?

Associate II


My new assignment is to transfer files from the SD card which is connected to the STM32F769I-DISCO board to a computer thanks to an Ethernet wire. The issue is that I don't really know how I can do this with that kind of material. I have just succeeded in saving data in a file located inside the SD card thanks to a tutorial.

Do you know which functions I may use?

Has anyone ever done this before?

I truly thank you in advance for your help!



Historically one could perhaps take a LwIP HTTP Server type example, and then for certain HTTP GET you'd decode and f_open/f_read content from files using FATFS/SDIO to furnish data rather than use the FS DATA structures used by LwIP example for prebuilt pages/responses.

One could perhaps implement an FTP or TFTP server, or perhaps even SAMBA

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