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How to Read the data Throught ethernet protocal in STM32f746G to IPcamera(HIKVISION)


Hello Everyone

I am yugenthar

I have one doubt how to read the data throught ethernet Protocal "using stm32f746 disco board"

I am try to connect the ethernet port but i can't able to read the data in Ethernet. So any one give the example code because. I has tried all code is not working well.

I am communicate with ChatGPT and search google but both us give some example code but is not working fine.

so anyone give some example code or any tutorial link.

I try to ping my IP address but is not pinging .

Pavel A.
Evangelist III

Hi. Have you tried this example project for the STM32746G-Disco board?

This project normally will be installed for you by CubeIDE or CubeMX with the STM32F7 libraries.

Please get it working first, before moving further. At least the board should respond to ping.

Good luck.

Actually I have try to work the code .But is not working fine code is error

Chief II

Communicating with IP cameras or anything over the network is not for beginners. You have to learn the basics of electronics and software development first to even start thinking about this particular complex task.


Sister actually I understand you techincal word. but now my project is Ip camera related project so I try to ping the ip address is working fine but that a time i can't able to read the data its my problem