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Ethernet IAP makefsdata

Associate III

I am trying to change the web page I get in the Ethernet IAP example. If I use the fsdata.c provided in the example everything is ok. But if I grab the pages (example index.html) and create my fsdata.c I had a lot of problem since the server does not send the correct html respones (e.g. 200 OK).

The problem is that the makefsdata used in the example is different from the makefsdata I get from LwIP stack. For instance in the fsdata.c of the IAP example there is an header:

//fsdata.c generator for UIP0.9    

//Works with cc65 C compiler  

which is not present in the fsdata generated by the lwip makefsdata. I have been looking for a day for that makefsdata with no success. So the question: where can I find the makefsdata used in the IAP example? If it is not available, what have I to change to make the example run with the state of the art makefsdata?


This is not contemporaneous?


Been a while since I fiddled with this, but seem to recall there being assort makefsdata tools, for different machines, and languages, dotted around the internet, github, etc.

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