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STM32H7B3I-DK: Firmware for ISM43340-M4G-L44-10CF

Andreas Bolsch
Lead II

UM2569 says:

"In STM32H7B3I-DK boards labeled A1945xxxx, the ISM43340-M4G-L44-10CF is loaded with the C3.5.2.6.STM.BETA4 version which allows a network scan only once. A new version of the ISM43340-M4G-L44-10CF firmware named C3.5.2.6.STM that fixes this limitation is available on the website."

The present module indeed bears A1945..., however, a firmware dump shows

Product ID:  ISM43341-M4G-L44-SPI,  Firmware:  C3.5.2.6.STM, API:  v3.5.2.

Hence, it doesn't seem to be the BETA4 version??? Furthermore, on ST's website there is apparently no firmware. The only one I could find is

 Does the A1945... refer to board MB1486 or MB1332?