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STM32F429I-DISCO1 SLAVE I2S_3(PCM3) WS(Port_A15) pin conflict

Associate III

Hello everyone, I'm asking for your advice. I use STM32F429I-DISCO1 board, I want to use I2S_3(PCM3) in SLAVE mode .
The <WS> signal is located in PORTA 15 pin, at the same time the same pin is connected to U4 (STMPE811QTR) as <TP_INT1> signal (output), by the way, this microcircuit has some functional significance during the firmware,
because without this microcircuit the program could not be do firmware. Without anything, the voltage on this pin
is approximately 1.7 v.

When I give a <WS> signal from outside, THE SIGNAL DETERIORATES. By the way,
I give the <WS> signal from the TXB0108 chip (Bidirectional Voltage-Level Translator with Auto-Direction Sensing).
I had the same problem with I2S_2(PCM2) and the problem was solved when I physically removed the chip U8 from board.
how can this problem be solved? .

ST Employee

Hi @gevmar ,

I don't know if your case is still open or not. In case it is still open, I wonder if you tried to map the I2S3_WS to PA4 instead of P15?


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