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stlink-v3minie version for stm32cubeide v1.8

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I have been developing firmware for a few years using STM32CubeIDE v1.8.0.  I've been using the STLINK-V3MINI, which has been disconnected.  I've since been using the STLINK-V3MINIE.  I have had some issues with these.  I recently updated the firmware in one of the MINIE's with the latest version STM32CubeProgrammer, and it seems to work fine in CubeProgrammer.  It does not work in CubeIDE v1.8.0.  I do not want to update CubeIDE, as v1.8.0 works fine for me and we are in the middle of a large project.  What is the best firmware version to load into the V3MINIE to use with CubeIDE v1.8.0, and how to get that version if it's older than the current one?



Match up the release date of v1.8.0 to the release date of the st-link firmware to find the right version, or just load the oldest version and v1.8.0 will want to update it for you to the correct version.

You can access the last few releases here:


Searching Google will provide even earlier releases, but probably the above link will work.

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