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Please recommend a development board


First of all, I want to use the core above STM32F4. I need a few motors, pumps, and sensor control with the MCU.
If there are several boards you recommended due to lack of knowledge of hardware, please let me know how to make a physical connection.


Would suggest you work with someone locally who does understand hardware needs/requirements. Say a colleague or supervisor.

Otherwise go study how others have achieved similar goals already

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As stated by @Tesla DeLorean as you're not a HW specialist you need someone near of you that has HW knowledge to help you efficiently.

Meanwhile, NUCLEO-F429ZI board could be a starting point for what you are looking for. See this link:

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Pavel A.
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You don't have to load everything on a single STM32. For example, use the F4 for motor control and add F0 or L0 for reading slow sensors. This can make overall design simpler and more robust, and protect investment in code for the F4. Find help for your hardware design here.