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Error in initializing ST-LINK device. Reason: ST-LINK: Could not verify ST device! Abort connection.


Он выдает ошибку ошибки, которая указана в теме, как от нее избавиться, чтобы микроконтроллер можно было запрограммировать.


Are you using a counterfeit bluepill board? Perhaps buy a genuine ST board.

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Использование подделки

ST Employee

Hello @Ilnaz and welcome to the ST Community.

As @TDK said, you are may using a counterfeit bluepill board. Thats why you are having this problem. In this case, it will be better to use an original product that you Can find in our website.

PS: English is the official language of our forum. it will be better if you use it to give more clarity to your post.

Best Regards.


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Q1:It throws an error error, which is indicated in the topic on how to get rid of it so that the microcontroller can be programmed.

Q2:Use of fake

Happy enough using Google Translate. You might need to find other tools to program different devices. Say a Segger J-Link.  You might be able to put J-Link OB firmware on authentic ST-LINK, and use the J tools.

The chip you're using might have a USB DFU or other boot-loader options, you'll need to check in the context of the chip in question.

Perhaps OpenOCD or some other open source flashing tools you can patch or modify to accept whatever chip ID it finds.

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