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Interfacing ST25R3911B with STM32F072 using FreeRTOS

Neo M
Associate II

I am trying to interface ST25R3911B to an existing application that runs FreeRTOS. Is there any sample code available for ST25R3911B in a FreeRTOS setup?

I added RFAL to my project, created platform.h, with a mutex for platformProtectST25R391xComm. I am trying to read a ISP-15693 tag.

I am using rfalNfcvPollerCollisionResolution( RFAL_COMPLIANCE_MODE_NFC, 1, testNfcVdev, &testDevCnt) to get tag info.

I am pretty sure I am messing up calling the ISR from the IRQ callback. What is the best way to service the interrupt in a FreeRTOS environment?

ST Employee


I would suggest to creat a new Thread rather than adding a new post to a solved 2019 thread.

A freeRTOS demo is provided in the STSW-ST25R-LIB (ST25 embedded NFC library) for ST25R3916. I would suggest to use this one and to port it to the ST25R3911B.



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Hi Brian, 

Ok, if the implementation you suggest has some issues (which @Ulysses HERNIOSUS suggested a long time ago) then I'll open a new thread. 

Thanks for your time