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VN570 to220-7 need datasheet

Associate II

Hello to all. This vn570 to220-7 is located in a car seat heating control module. Can some one give more info about this part, analog to it or some information? Part is damaged. No control of heating, visible damage to part.

Cristiana SCARAMEL
ST Employee

Hello @NDoyn.1​ and welcome to the ST Community.

On our web site you can find the VN750 datasheet.

The part is obsolete, but you can replace it with VN750-E.

Let me know if this info is useful to you, if yes please "Select as Best" button to close the topic.

Associate II

Hello. Thank you for fast replay. The VN 570 is to220 package with 7 pin. The VN750 is to220 with 5 pin it is not direct replacement. If you can provide data sheet of VN570 to compare to drivers that are now in production. Thank you.

Hello @NDoyn.1​,

you are right about the package (pentawatt vs. heptawatt).

I thought it was a typo on IC name, I swapped VN570 with VN750.

In general if the IC datasheet is not available on our official website it is a custom device.

In these cases it is not possible share any document with third parts.

Associate II

Hello, and thank you for your answer. It is going to be a revers engineering an old not produce any more product. I will do my best to find solution to this problem, because my control board is not working and I cant buy it off official dealer.