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L6470/powerstep01 charge pump

Senior III

How I can calculate capacitors and diode for charge pump? Can I use schematic (charge pump part) from powerstep01 to L6470?


Cristiana SCARAMEL
ST Employee

Hello @dungeonlords789​,

the charge pump circuitry values have been chosen according to the power stage integrated in the device.

In the device datasheet you can find the recommended values for both device (the same used in the evaluation board)

  • powerSTEP01 47 nF on CP and 470 nF between VBOOT and VS.
  • L6470 10 nF on CP and 220 nF between VBOOT and VS.

The capacitors voltage rating may vary according to the rating of the application.

Due to the high charge pump frequency, fast diodes are required. The BAR43SFILM - small signal Schottky diode - can be used for both ICs.

Let me know if I fully answered your question, if so please "Select as Best" button.