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Battery Management System

Associate III

Dear all,

I am a BMS engineer looking for an automotive-grade BMS solution. Is L9961 good enough to develop an automotive-grade BMS for onboard battery pack monitoring? Do you have any other suggestions?

Thank you very much.

ST Employee

Dear @khwuuk ,


L9961 is not AEC-Q100 qualified. May I ask why you are looking for a 5-cell device?

What is the voltage range of your application?

I suggest you have a look at L9963E BMS IC, a 14 cells battery monitoring and protection chip for high-reliability automotive applications and energy storage systems.

L9963E is AEC-Q100 qualified, is Full ISO26262 compliant and ASIL-D systems ready.

Multiple L9963E can be connected in a daisy chain and communicates with the others by means of a vertical isolated interface L9963T.


Best Regards

Associate III

Dear GS98,


Thank you very much for your information.

It seems that L9963E is a good solution. However, my application is for monitoring a single cell. We may not need the daisy chain function now, but an isolated interface is necessary. The voltage range is from 9V to 15V. Is L996E still a good solution?


Thank you very much.